Shalom, Israel. 7 nights, 8 days. Tel Aviv or Netanya
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Shalom, Israel. 7 nights, 8 days. Tel Aviv or Netanya

Shalom, Israel. 7 nights, 8 days. Tel Aviv or Netanya



1 день


Трансфер аэропорт Бен Гурион - Тель-Авив или Нетанию,  размещение в отеле выбранной категории на берегу моря.

2 день


Экскурсия в Иерусалим с выездом из отеля на целый день. (Прогулка по кварталам Старого Города, Стена Плача, Храм Гроба Господня, Иудейский, Мусульманский и Христианский кварталы и т.д.)

3 день

Экскурсия на Мертвое море с выездом из отеля на целый день. (Иудейская пустыня, фабрика-магазин косметики Мертвого моря. Отдых и купание на пляже Мертвого моря).

4 день

Экскурсия на Север страны с выездом из отеля на целый день. (Поездка с гидом на Север страны : Назарет, Храм Благовещения. Кинерет, Тверия. Гора Блаженств –место Нагорной Проповеди. Табха-церковь Приумножения Хлебов. По желанию возможна замена на экскурсию Кейсария-Хайфа-Акко.

5 день

Тель Авив-Яффо-Алмазная Биржа. Экскурсия на полдня с выездом из отеля. (Подарок от компании)

6 день

Свободное время, заказ дополнительных экскурсий.

7 день

Свободное время, заказ дополнительных экскурсий.

8 день

Трансфер в аэропорт, вылет.

Программа основана на проживании в отеле 3* или 4*  в центре  Тель Авива или Нетании,

рядом с набережной.

Sharing трансфер Бен Гурион- Тель Авив- Бен Гурион (групповой) 

Питание - завтраки.

Три полных экскурсионных дня  в комфортабельном автобусе с кондиционером, с лицензированным русскоязычным гидом  высшей категории.

Экскурсия на пол дня Тель Авив-Яффо-Алмазная Биржа.


 (Выбор отеля, расписание и порядок проведения экскурсий на усмотрение компании ).





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в случае совпадения периодов тура-расчет по запросу.

Отели категории

А - Нетания

Residence. Galil  или аналогичные

Отели категории

В - Нетания

Кинг Соломон, Residence Beach или аналогичные

Отели категории

А – Тель Авив

Imperial, Golden Beach  или аналогичные

Отели категории

В – Тель Авив

Leonardo Basel, Metropolitan, Grand Beach, Debora, Mercure B&P или аналогичные

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We invite you to visit the Dead Sea the lowest point on our planet with its unique healing abilities, the Holy Jerusalem, biblical city Galilee. We promise, you will leave Israel full of impressions.

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Seven days are not enough to see the whole Israel, but this is enough to visit the most important sightseeing places of this amazing land and to tap to the culture of Israel in full measure.

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This tour is ideal for guests who first decided to visit our country. During the week you can visit the most interesting sights and cities of Israel and spend an unforgettable vacation.

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5 May 2018201820182018
The Golden Gate is a double gate centered in the east wall of Jerusalem. They are also known as the Beautiful Gate or as the Gates of Mercy. This entrance to the old city is located from its eastern edge, on the road that leads to the Temple Mount. For this reason, the gate is revered as the holiest of all denominations. Through the Golden Gate, in the tradition of Christians, Jesus entered the city on Palm Sunday, the Jews associate them with the coming of the Messiah, and for Muslims this is the place of the coming resurrection. The time of construction of the gate dates back to the 7th-6th centuries BC. They were erected on the site of the destroyed second Temple Gate, and now the Golden Gate is sealed since the 16th century. At the First Temple, the gates were on the east side of the temple of King Solomon (in the Xth century BC) and were called Eastern (in the Jewish Bible - "Kadim"). The location, apparently, was in the immediate vicinity of the Golden Gate, inside the temple. They were the main entrance to the Temple area and opened access to the inner courtyards of the Temple from the Kidron Valley. The construction of the Second Temple was first performed in the 5th century BC by those who returned from the Babylonian captivity. The gate on its eastern side was called Shushan, or Susa, named after the ancient capital of Persia. Paid for the construction of this gate was the community that remained there. In the I century BC, the Temple was renovated during the reconstruction of Herod. When the Temple was destroyed in the 70's of our era, the gate of Shushan was destroyed by Roman soldiers. New gates over the ruins of the ancients were built in the Byzantine period in the 6th century BC. This fact turns the Golden Gate into the oldest of all that exists in the existing walls. After the defeat of Persia in 629-630, the emperor of Byzantium Irakli, like a Christian pilgrim, entered barefoot through the gate with the remains of the true cross, which he received from the Persians, and returned to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Since then, this event is celebrated as the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. The Golden Gate was then open twice a year: on Palm Sunday and on this holiday. The defeat in 1187 led to the fact that after it the gates remained closed. The real walls of Jerusalem in 1540 AD were built by the Ottomans. But already in 1541 the Ottomans closed the Golden Gate so that the Messiah would not enter through them, as required in the Jewish tradition. Outside, under the walls, a cemetery was arranged, according to the concept that the Messiah can not pass where the dead are. Since the destruction of the temple, there has been a place of prayer for the Jews to restore these gates, so that through them the Spirit of God and the Messiah passed through them to the city. The Jews pray for mercy so that the gates will be reborn. Hence the name "Gates of Mercy" (Shaar Kharashim). The entrance of Mercy is the southern side of the double Golden Gate, the one on the right. And the left northern side is called the Penitential Entrance. Behind the gate there is a stairwell of the gatehouse, after which the staircase leads to the upper platform of the temple mountain. Inside the gatehouse at the gate is a set of many ancient columns and decorated capitals. The Golden Gate is one of those few gates of Jerusalem within the walls of the Old City that are sealed. No matter what name they are given: the Golden Gate, the Gate of Eternal Life, Shaar Harasim - they have a place in the traditional beliefs of all three religions.
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4 May 2018201820182018
Just one hour from Jerusalem stretches the Dead Sea. This is the name of the salt lake between Israel and Jordan in South-West Asia. Its eastern shore is Jordan, and the southern half of its western coast is owned by Israel.  The Dead Sea is surrounded by mountains from the east and the Jerusalem hills in the west, which has almost unearthly beauty. But, although today it is a sparsely populated area and serene serenity reigns in it, in ancient times here were the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, Adman, Zebuin and Zohar (Bela). And in the modern world near the Dead Sea, a large number of people from those Israelis and visitors who come here for a few days of rest are formed to take advantage of the healing qualities of the water, as well as tourists for a short time, who want to experience the unique sea and get vivid impressions from the surroundings. But, first of all, attracts here the main body of people the opportunity to plunge into warm, soothing, very salty water. According to the salt content, it is about ten times more saturated than sea water and has a whole complex of chloride salts, magnesium, sodium, potassium, bromine and a number of others. In unusually warm, incredibly floating and saturated with mineral waters, people enjoyed immersing themselves in the ancient world, including King Herod the Great and the famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra, who is considered to be the standard standard of femininity and beauty. All of them tested the healing properties of black, saturated, stimulating dirt and, without much effort, swam on their backs, absorbing the healthy minerals of water and taking on the softly scattered rays of the Jordanian sun. The quality of water in the Dead Sea, the salt content is due to the fact that it is called Dead. Although in different languages ​​for this salt lake you can meet different names. Each of them describes its individual characteristics. In the earliest translations into languages ​​that do not belong to indigenous peoples, the original name "Salt Sea" is often used. But already in the Roman era, those who arrived in Judea had a vision of him as the Dead Sea. They caused the greatest perplexity, the fact that water can be deprived of all life forms, whether it be living beings or plants. To clarify the cause of such qualities of the water of the Dead Sea can help its origin in the past.The Dead Sea receives almost all of its water from the Jordan River, which flows into the lake from the north. In those days when during the rainy season the course of the Jordan south of the Sea of ​​Galilee had full force, one could observe how a river stream sweeps reeds and fish into the Dead Sea with its high salinity waters. And since this salt lake does not have access to the sea, it is for fish and algae that it gets into the water, that almost ten times the salt of most oceans, these conditions are incompatible with life.The dead sea at the lowest point on Earth at 430.5 meters below sea level is one of the most saline reservoirs in the world, it has the lowest elevation and the lowest body of water on the surface of the Earth. It represents the end point for surface water with rainwater, which means that water flows into the Dead Sea, and it can not flow out of it. It's like falling into a trap, where there's no other option but to evaporate. The floating summer temperatures in year-round hot dry climatic conditions cause significant losses of water for evaporation. A similar decrease in the amount of H2O occurs over the course of 65,000 years, while minerals have an increasing concentration and salty properties. People put on their body rich in mineral mud, swimming in salt waters and basking in the beaches and get an unforgettable vacation on the Dead Sea. In its coastal strip opens a large number of public beaches. Of the popular beaches, there is a beach in Ein Gedi and a beach in the resort of Ein Bokek. The latter is known as the main hotel zone on the Dead Sea and here there are more than a dozen large resort hotels targeting all types of budget. For those wishing to acquire a unique experience, there are also several zymers - a night's lodging for the traveler, rooms in the owners' house, which are handed over to visitors for a short time. In addition, there are small, for 10-100 numbers boutique hotels with a high standard of living, which are in unique places, decorated in a certain thematic, stylish and / or desired concept. At the lowest place on Earth, the Dead Sea combines a stunning natural beauty with a fascinating ancient history and with modern mineral spas on which you can rest and pamper every cell of your body. In one of the most impressive natural and spiritual landscapes in the world, among the jagged cliffs of the Judean Desert, with clefts of dry canyons that are full of swift streams after the rains, heavy ones rise with salt and fatty minerals from the cobalt-blue waters of the Dead Sea.
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22 Apr 2018201820182018
There are many options to choose which is the best place for your next vacation trip. One of the not the last in importance are the astrological features of the person for whom the trip is planned, it is supposed to book a tour or excursion. Despite the fact that not everyone can recognize the influence of stars on the formation of character traits, there are still a number of individual characteristics that would help narrow the search. So, let's walk specifically on the signs of the Zodiac:Aries.The man of this sign differs adventurous character, he avoids inactivity, is full of enthusiasm and always strives to spice up life with some zest. Subordinate to the elements of Fire, Aries prefer to be in constant movement from one fascinating adventure to a new next goal.Aries can attract the opportunity to walk through hidden bars and restaurants, museums and other harsh places in a new unfamiliar place. But the most acceptable choice will be rest in the wild, tourist romance of hiking and extreme ascents to the mountain peaks.For this we invite you to go on a journey through three biblical deserts. Rest and swimming in the Dead Sea, to which the picturesque road to the Dead Sea through the Negev desert leads - the road of patriarchs, ancient nomadic tribes and modern Bedouins.The road of incense, the caravan path from Arabia. Visit Mamshit - an ancient city-reserve. Churches, inns, dams, mosaics, frescoes. Possibility of camel riding for an additional fee.TaurusFor Taurus tend to the maximum comfort and the greatest degree of safety.Their love for good things is regulated by the fact that in their place of rest everything must necessarily be in the upper class. Rest in understanding of people of this sign means, first of all, to take care of comfort for the body. For this it is better to go to a villa on the coast or to a luxury hotel where you can reach the ultimate stage of relaxation and step back from all worries.For this we propose to go on a trip to the Living Dead Sea. - "Stop, moment, you are fine!". A day of rest on the shore of this unique natural miracle will make you exclaim when, during our excursion, you will find yourself in a luxurious hotel where you are expected to bathe in the waters of the Salt Sea, use its life-giving healing muds, immerse yourself in hot sulfur springs, which return the body energy and cheerfulness. A first-class dinner at the hotel is a great way to completely disconnect from worries and problems, relieve stress and feel younger than your soul and body.TwinsThe element of Air in Gemini gives them changeability, ambiguity of character and introduces the representatives of this sign the ability to adapt to almost any conditions.In the choice of where to go on the next journey, one must take into account natural curiosity, a craving for everything new, diverse, and a propensity to make impulsive decisions. Therefore, to get a sense of satisfaction, Gemini is the most powerful from a trip to an unfamiliar big city, which with itself will bring new uncharted impressions. Where the city in the beating of the vital rhythm of the unrelenting streets excites blood in the incessant change of routes from one cultural place to another.Give it the best tour New Jerusalem - the capital and treasury of 3 millennia. Museum of Israel, Yad Vashem, view of the new and old city (360 degrees) from the observation platform in the "Imke" - the center of Christian youth on the street "King David". Actually the hotel itself "King David" - a splinter of the British Empire.CancerThe water sign of Cancer causes the presence of strong attachment to the family. They are inclined to show deep concern and expect reciprocal reciprocity, such as empathy and support from those who surround them.Cancer is very important that in traveling, in a place of rest, in which it is sent surrounded by family or close friends, everything had the highest class, everything was extremely comfortable. Through a similar manifestation of caring for satellites, he gets the opportunity to demonstrate the best aspects of his relationship.Cancer is not a supporter of hikes and adventures and is not inclined to chase after extreme entertainment. He is most comfortable with breakfast in a cozy bedroom in a small town, renting a villa with friends on the coast or going to a country house with his family.Ideal for a family walk with children excursion New Jerusalem - the capital and treasury of 3 millennia. The Biblical Zoo of the Tish family is only ancient species of animals preserved and listed in the Red Book. ("Moses' Rock", "Noah's Ark", a garden of sculptures by Nicky de Saint-Fall, the land of lemurs.) VirgoAlways and in all guided by considerations of practicality - this is the main principle of the Virgin.They also have a willingness to explore, learn, and comprehend something new, obeying them with one intrinsic intuition. The Virgin must all be perfectly organized.Regarding the planning of the time and the itinerary of travel, everything here is painted down to one hour and detailed on the map of each important point on the route. Including a list of well-chosen best markets, cafes, restaurants.Our set of 5 excursions. The Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Galilee, Bethlehem, Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, will allow at its discretion to arrange everything in advance, choose any trip of three to choose from.LibraFor the representatives of this sign, the goal is to achieve a state of equilibrium in all life manifestations. At the same time, Libra avoids a big decline to one, whatever the edge. This, in turn, can lead to difficulties in making a clear and definite decision.This principle of non-interference and detachment leads to the fact that, apparently, one of the best choices of recreation is a walk around the city. Or, alternatively, the place where the balance between peace and the diversity of the world will remain the ideal would be almost ideal. Libra will be happy to go on an excursion: From King David to Jesus. Bethlehem-Jerusalem, this is a wonderful opportunity to stroll through the two most beautiful cities of Israel, but the opportunity for some time to step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and find time to think about the mysteries and diversity of our world.ScorpioThe influence of Pluto forms a propensity for seclusion in people of this sign, which becomes a prerequisite for the fact that Scorpio prefers to keep apart from the mass of other people. He is an independent traveler, accustomed to rely only on his own strength. As a rule, he is attracted by the desire to go to something unusual, in exotic places, at least a step away from the beaten track. In them he appreciates the possibility of spending all the energy, which is not spent in ordinary conditions, received from Pluto.Therefore, we can assume that our interesting excursion to Blue Tsfat will seem interesting to Scorpio. Stone, Sky, Kabbalah. Graves of the great righteous. Ancient Safed near Mount Miron - on the fortress of the Templars. Center for World Mystery and Kabbalah. Visit to the synagogue of the great mystic and sage Yitzhak Lurye (Ari), Messiah's street, famous quarter of artists, galleries, a museum of candles, tasting of cefat cheese.SagittariusSagittarius as a traveler fully corresponds to its astrological image. His representation in the form of a centaur with a bow and an arrow attached to the hunt indicates a willingness to always and everywhere seek opportunities to meet something new and hitherto unknown.Even if for this it is possible to get into some unattainable wilderness in the distance from all the usual ways. And, like his star double, such a person is ready to tirelessly shoot boredom, just not to stay away from what brings with it a stream of exciting experiences and stimulation of feelings and mind.For this we propose to go or lift the veil of the Mystery of the two deserts and the Dead Sea. Masada will not fall any more! Rest and bathing in the Dead Sea.The Negev Desert is the biblical cradle of the Jewish people. Bedouins in the desert, 6000-year-old Arad on the border of two deserts. One of the most cosmic landscapes on the Judean Desert is opened when the Lift on the cable car is made to the grandiose ancient fortress of Masada.CapricornCharacteristic features of representatives of this sign are their practical and justified approach to everything. Capricorn, as a rule, industrious, it motivates success, and he is also not without ambition.But, since such a person is distinguished by a strong dependence on social ties, he can consider the option of traveling alone unacceptable for himself.Being restrained, but not without philanthropy, Capricorns feel a sense of comfort where they combine a family beach vacation, sightseeing and the opportunity to touch the origins of ancient history.Capricorn will not have a place for feeling lonely in the setting of ancient castles, majestic ruins and rest on the seaside. That's why the tour is perfect for him: Jericho: "lunar city" in the labyrinths of time. Rest and bathing in the Dead Sea. AquariusThis sign of Air is characterized by manifestations of desperate independence and purposefulness. What is true with respect to life principles, and in relation to the choice of the direction in which to go on vacation.Not changing in loyalty to himself, Aquarians can tirelessly return to the favorite city or beach hotel, which left only the best memories.The features of individuality and the inclination to give in to all analysis will make you feel confident where you would swallow up your bustling eclectic with some noisy city. Aquarius also does not hate to lift the veil over the characteristics of culture with the traditions of the people who live here.In this capacity, our Tel Aviv-Yafo-Diamond Exchange route can be very good. Excursion through the streets of old Jaffa with a visit to the Ancient Port. Rock Andromeda. Sightseeing tour of Tel Aviv. Visit the diamond exchange Ramat Gan. FishPisces is characterized by a completely unconstrained life position. Friendly and intuitively oriented this sign distinguishes the tendency to a very frequent retreat, and quite unselfishly, even to the detriment of one's own interests.Based on their high susceptibility, representatives of this sign of Water must rest. According to the format of travel, it is best to choose one to be alone, as well as to where it would mean a state of rest in its purest manifestation.The destination would be perfectly suitable if it had a place for combining natural wonders with cultural offerings. It should be a beautiful place away from everything. Where you can immerse yourself in a pacifying meditation, or simply relax with your body and soul.Order from us the day of bread and circuses Beit Shean-Hamat-Gader to become a real Hellenic-sybarite. Here you can drop toga and dive into hot thermal springs. The terms of the past are here, but in combination with modern comfort.And welcome to the exotic spectacles - cattery of crocodiles of all kinds from different countries, or parrot show and Nubian bison.
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12 Apr 2018201820182018
The Holocaust was a crime committed by Nazi Germany against the Jews, from the beginning of their persecution from 1933 until the end of World War II. During the four and a half years of military operations in Europe, about six million representatives of this ancient civilization flourished for more than two millennia.The number of those who managed to get out alive from such a crucible of massacres has by now substantially decreased and steadily less such ones remain. In order to resist the resulting vacuum in the cultural, moral and educational spheres, the Israeli parliament in the year 1953 unanimously passed a law establishing Yad Vashem, the Memorial of the Holocaust and Heroism. For more than half a century, he has been collecting names of victims, testimonies and documents related to the Holocaust, they are doing scientific research, educational activities are being conducted. Since 1993, the International Institute for the Study of the Holocaust began its work as an independent academic research group.The Yad Vashem complex is located at the 804-meter height of Har Ha-Zikaron, called the Mount of Memory, near the Jerusalem forest. Over the Museum of the History of the Holocaust has been allocated over 40000 square meters. m, the main part of its area is underground. In the top ten galleries, the history of the Holocaust is presented from the perspective of the representatives of the Jewish people, conveyed in the illustrated objects of everyday life, works of art and photographs, cinematographic materials.Engage in the creation of art in the Holocaust meant to be at risk for life, although there was a large deficit of materials necessary for this. It was extremely difficult to satisfy even the minimum requirements of everyday life. In the understanding of artists who worked at that time, it was almost the only chance to splash all that they wanted to say, in a few strokes on canvas or lines on paper.Entering the museum, the visitor will face a wall with an exposition of a number of artworks from various authors. The remaining spaces are occupied with artifacts that reflect the human image, as well as the environment and the situation inside and outside the ghettos and camps. For more detailed information about art in general, about this or that Holocaust artist, you can go by, in the world's first specialized computer information and archive center.The Yad Vashem Collection of Holocaust Art Objects is the most extensive in the world, it contains about ten thousand works. The number of artifacts received as a gift for many years from the victims of the Holocaust, or from their relatives and loved ones, exceeds 27 thousand units. This number also includes items that they were transferred by various organizations in Israel and from abroad.Currently, during the collection of artifacts, attention was focused on those of them that are relevant to the daily life of Jews against the background of total extermination, which were created in conditions of camps, for children's games, those that can testify to the struggle for normal life in almost incompatible with life conditions.Visiting the museum complex evokes a growing sense of belonging to their people, their ethnic unity with other peoples. And among non-Jewish people there is sympathy for the fate of the Jewish people, they will feel inspired to join the common desire of humanity for a universal future, which will be more humane for all.
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9 Apr 2018201820182018
Zichron Jacob is located in the southern part of the Carmel Range, 22 miles south of Haifa, and he is one of the first "modern" settlements in Israel. Zikhron became one of the first Jewish villages in the then Palestine. The village had its original name Zamarin. The founders of the city were a hundred Jewish pioneers who returned to their Biblical homeland from Romania. The beginning of those 100 immigrants who in December 1882 founded the city under the name of Zamarin was very difficult. From these difficult circumstances, many of the original settlers left during the first 12 months. But by a lucky coincidence, the next year saw the visit to Israel of the French Jewish philanthropist and wine-maker Baron Edmond James de Rothschild and his visit to Zamarin. He found that, it turns out, the soil of the slopes of Mount Carmel has excellent winemaking qualities and is really intended for growing grapes. The Baron renamed the city in memory of his father Jacob, Zichron in Hebrew means "Memorial", and founded the Caramel Winery, which to this day is one of the leading wineries in Israel. Planning of the city was entrusted to professional planners, with which the main street was designed with French tiled roof ventilation modules facing the road. Behind each house there was a long courtyard, and there was a back building for storing farm implements. Original courtyards and back buildings can still be seen in many places. The main street known as Midrakhov is now a pedestrian zone, along which there are many various cafes, shops, boutiques. Since this is an original settlement street, many houses on it are of great historical value, from the plaques outside one can learn the history of many. At the end of the Midrashov the First Museum of Alia, the museum of the repatriation of Jews to the State of Israel, is located, which tells about the fascinating history of the pioneers from Europe, who founded this city more than a hundred years ago. The Baron was also commissioned to build a synagogue in the city, named Ohel Yaakov in honor of his father. The synagogue has been operating daily since 1886, mainly on Shabbat and on Feast days, serves as one of the hallmarks of urban architecture in the northern part of the Midrahov. Among the most famous buildings in the city with its stone, the castle facade and the beautiful garden - the family house of Aaronson on Hameasdim street. Becoming one of the basic families of Zichron senior Aaronson left Romania with their furniture, crystals and porcelain, which are exhibited at their home as if the family had just prepared to start an official meal. Among historical buildings, numerous shops and galleries one can find an ancient synagogue. But the real purpose of this building and what is really behind it is to serve as a reservoir known as Brechat Binyamin. And the true goal during its construction in 1891 was to ensure a continuously flowing water flow to the central point in the village. But the main object in Zichron Yakov is, without a doubt, the father of all wineries, which was the first. The Baron-based Carmel-Mizrahi Wine Factory was founded in 1885 on the basis of the fruits of his French cuttings. In 1892, the vines were infected with a bacterial disease and were destroyed. The people of Rothschild imported some seedlings from America that were resistant to these bacteria, and this had a positive effect on the state of the winery. A bottling factory was also established in this area, in which today the Mizgag Museum in the kibbutz Nakhsholim. Currently, in the original 120-year-old building of Carmel, on the advanced equipment, the best-awarded wines are produced. Carmel has grown to the largest winery in Israel, producing 15 million bottles a year in four separate sites. In the new Carmel Wine & Culture complex, visitors will find a wine shop, a restaurant, two specialized tasting rooms, a small cinema and a barrel in one of the underground cellars of Rothschild.
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4 Apr 2018201820182018
One of the biggest tourist attractions in Israel and a popular place for families with children is the Jerusalem Bible Zoo. This park is located in the south of the city in a picturesque area at the height of Kiryat Gajov, it includes a large artificial lake with waterfalls surrounded by spacious lawns. There is also a savanna wildlife site, along which animals freely roam. From one corner of the park to another, visitors can get on a stylized train that runs along a route where there are several stations. The central part of the zoo, which goes to the African savannah, is framed in the form of an ark, where Noah collected all a pair of each species of animals that exist on Earth. On the deck of such an ark there is an auditorium, temporary galleries of exhibits, computer information stations, a souvenir shop and a cafeteria. Noah's Ark is an exotic playground, a sculpture garden created by Franco-American sculptor Nicky de Saint-Fall. In 1971, the artist received an invitation from the Jerusalem Foundation to lead the project of architectural sculpture for the children of Jerusalem. Nicky de Saint-Fall, co-authored by the famous Swiss sculptor Jean Tangly in 1972, was the first to be built. The great success that this work had, contributed to the fact that the Foundation began to look for further opportunities for joint cooperation. Such a new project was Noah's Ark in the Zoological Gardens of the Tish Family in Jerusalem. Nicky de Saint-Fall created animals, and the ark was created by the famous international architect Mario Botta, and this was their first joint work. The project cost was five million dollars, which they managed to raise through donations to the Jerusalem Fund. Sculptures were erected over a period of five years, and as a result, Noah's Ark appeared, which arose, as if it had landed after the Flood and was petrified in this place for many hundreds of years. Playful images of animals on the lawn form a contrast with a monochrome underground structure made of natural stone. Visitors to the zoo in Jerusalem feel like they were on some colorful island in the world. Noah's Ark is one of the main attractions in the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem. You can get to it by going 10 minutes from the entrance. Passing the flamingo, the greeting blue rhino will meet. And then there will be a ram, an elephant, a giraffe, a camel, a gorilla, a kangaroo, a spider. Turtle - in the form of a well, a bird like a boat, a green tapir, a cat, a monkey, a penguin, a lion and a lion, united like yin and yang. A total of 23 animal sculptures, all with mosaics and mirrors, with drawings by Nicky de Saint-Fall. In the beginning, the first grotesque sculpture by Golem Nicky de Saint-Fall was not categorically approved by the Commission of the Parks of Jerusalem. The reason for the categorical refusal was that this image is supposedly too scary for children and is not suitable for installation on a playground. The sculpture even began to be called "Miflet", which means a monster. But the avant-garde artist explained and proved what value and fundamental value something can have that is frightening in the middle of a safe place. She insisted that such things are so good that they help children learn to overcome their fears.  The golem of concrete and metal was built after all. And he, perhaps, looks like some monstrous colossus, but today he is happily surrounded by a local children. Jewish and Arab children climb up the back of the sculpture, where the one has a winding staircase to cheerfully move down one of its three red tongues.
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